Record Sealing

Have you found yourself in a position where that mistake you made years ago has 20120930_140756-300x225come back to haunt you? If you have ever been arrested, you may now realize that the arrest and court record can cause you serious problems in getting a job, an apartment, or in any other situation where your Nevada criminal history is a factor. As you may now understand, just because the charges may have been dropped or you received a withhold of adjudication this doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to hold your Nevada criminal history against you. It’s not fair, but it’s a fact of life.


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Criminal Record Stopping You?


 Paralegals Plus can assist you in getting your records sealed. Rules and Regulations for each state are governed by Statute guidelines for qualifications. Please call us today to discuss your individual situation.

**We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice**

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